Research for FMP

Include photos of all research pages when completed in this post!

Unit 9 – Design Your Future


  • Produce my own creative logo and business card.
  • Complete my progression plan
  • Sign up to two Higher Education workshops (these take place on May 10th)
    • Creative Brand & Advertising
    • Glass Workshop

Unit 9 – Design Your Future (02-05-17)

Tasks for this week:

  • Create a CV
  • Write a blog post analysing three examples of creative CVs
  • Design your own CREATIVE CV

Deadline: Tuesday 9th May, 9am

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.13.26.png

Above is my personal CV. The information included is accurate to my knowledge, although exam results may be wrong, but this is easy to edit.

What I like most about this particular creative CV is the use of the grid system developed and honed by Swiss designer Josef Muller-Brockmann, one of my personal favourites. It is plain, simple and elegant, yet bold enough to really stand out. Personally, I think when it comes to making my own creative CV, mine will be something like this, as this is definitely my sort of style, with a minimalist approach to creatively representing myself.


Typographic-Resume-Design.jpgThis next creative CV is a bit more expressive, but is still very clean and crisp at the same time. I particularly like the alignment of the typographic elements. It is easy to read, and all the relevant information is included. This style is probably not one I would use myself, while it may be well-designed,

Action Plan


After quite a slow start to the project, and after giving myself plenty of thinking time to decide the direction which this project will take, I have now compiled a list of tasks and goals I aim to achieve/accomplish by set times.

By Friday 21st April:

  • Refine and digitise mindmaps/moodboards for future reference.
  • Revisit the “day in the life” blog post and make sure everything is clear.
  • Start the overall project timeplan – don’t worry too much about being entirely specific, as the timeplan is subject to change and can be edited if need be.

By Wednesday 26th April:

  • Hand in a completed first draft of my FMP project proposal.
  • Finish and hand in the rough draft for the overall project timeplan.
  • Hand in a copy of my bibliography (doesn’t matter how much or little I’ve included, just need evidence of using it).
  • Start research into the Bauhaus movement and some key artists (300+ words on each artist – include say 5 artists in a variety of disciplines to show the vast coverage of subject areas encompassed by the Bauhaus school).

By Friday 5th May:

  • Attempt to complete comprehensive research into the following:
    • The Bauhaus – as a movement and also do some brief research on the school itself.
    • Josef Albers / Herbert Bayer / Wassiliy Kandinsky / Laszlo Moholy-Nagy / Joost Schmidt.


Unit 9 – 28-03-17

List at least 5 jobs in the creative industries you would be interested in doing as a career:

  • Arts teacher
  • Advertising designer
  • Print designer
  • Typographer
  • Architect

Employment Information:

Your task is to some important information about three current job advertisements within the creative industries.

  • Job 1 – Title: Integrated Designer
  • Skills Required: 
    • Degree in art/advertising/communication
    • Experience working with layouts
    • Experience with filming and lighting setups
    • Good written and verbal skills
    • Organisational skills
  • Salary per Annum: £30,000 – £40,000
  • Responsibilities:
    • Creating infographics, illustrations and videos to maintain brand identities
    • Help with pitching proposals and presentations
  • Closing Date for Applications: 27 April 2017
  • I couldn’t really see myself doing this sort of job, as there seems to be quite a heavy emphasis on the video/4D media side of things, which is something I am neither proficient in or interested in


  • Job 2 – Title: Arts Teacher (Leicestershire)
  • Skills Required: 
    • QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) with a PGCE or equivalent
    • Excellent knowledge of KS3, 4 and 5
    • Strong management abilities, both people and administrative
    • Ability to adapt under pressure
  • Salary per Annum: £22,465 – £33,487


University Information Task

Select three universities, then choose two courses from each. Your task is to find out important information and make informed comparisons about each course.

University #1 – Winchester School of Art (Southampton Solent University)

  • Which courses and why?
    • Course 1 – BA (Hons) Graphic Arts. I would be interested in studying this because graphic design is a major passion of mine
  • What might I need to do to be accepted?
    • I would need a distinction level grade from my second year to be considered for entry.
    • Portfolio interviews are also held for potential candidates
  • Positives about the University?
    • Undergraduate programmes rated 8th in the UK
    • One of the UK’s leading art and design institutions
    • I could gain my PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) for Art and Design
  • Negatives about the University?
    • Location – I don’t really want to move away from Plymouth, and if I did I’d want to be close to home. Winchester is at least a three hour journey and I don’t really fancy that
  • Extracurricular Information?
    • I couldn’t find any information regarding student accommodation at Winchester, however I am aware that the University of Southampton itself has student housing, and a train from Southampton to Winchester takes roughly 20 minutes

University #2 – Southampton Solent University

  • Which courses and why?
    • Course 1 – Graphic Design BA (Hons). Again, graphic design is my biggest passion, besides the want to progress on to teaching after gaining a degree
    • Course 2 – Graphic Design for Web and Mobile Devices BA (Hons). This is a more innovative course that holds an increasing relevance in the modern world. Out of the two courses I’d probably prefer the first.
  • What might I need to do to be accepted?
    • Gain at least 112 UCAS points, which is the equivalent of a Merit on my current ED course.
    • Attend a portfolio interview
  • Positives about the University?
    • I already know a lot about Southampton as a city, having worked there for a while when I lived in Portsmouth.
    • Heavy investment into making the experience of University life as fun as possible.
  • Negatives about the University?
    • Low tariff points for entry suggests quality of courses might be lower than other universities
    • From what I’ve heard, Solent doesn’t have the greatest reputation as a university
  • Extracurricular Information?
    • Lots of financial help available
    • Housing available as close as fifteen minutes away

University #3 – Plymouth University

  • Which course and why?
    • Course 1 – Graphic Communication with Typography, BA (Hons). I feel like out of all the courses I’ve looked at, this one is the most suited to me, with the ability to use type as a tool being one of my strongest assets.
  • What might I need to do to be accepted?
    • Gain at least 112 UCAS tariff points, again, equivalent to a Merit on my ED course.
    • Attend a portfolio interview
  • Positives about the University?
    • I have lived in Plymouth for the majority of my life, so I wouldn’t have to worry about settling in
    • Plymouth Uni is in the top 2% of universities in the world
  • Negatives about the University?
    • Would mean being stuck in Plymouth even longer, which isn’t ideal, as I feel I wouldn’t be getting the full university experience
  • Extracurricular Information?
    • I wouldn’t really have to look far for information regarding Plymouth University, as I have numerous friends who are students, and as such I am regularly updated with information regarding housing and other important issues