Kazimir Malevich – Study Page

Kazimir Malevich was the founder of the artistic and philosophical school of suprematism, and his ideas about forms and their meaning in art would eventually represent the underlying values of non-objective, or abstract, art.

He worked in a number of styles, but his most important and well-known works focused on the exploration of pure geometric forms (squares, triangles and circles) and their relationships to one another, and the pictorial space they occupy. He conceived the idea if Suprematism prior to the Russian Revolution in October 1917, but its influence was already significant amongst the Russian avant-garde. His use of non-representational imagery and interest in dynamic geometrical form in pictorial space influenced the art of Lyubov Popova, Alexander Rodchenko and EL Lissitzky.

The main reason Kazimir Malevich is my favourite artist is because he is the first artist I really looked at in real detail, and the first artist who captivated me and made me want to learn more about his work. His revolutionary way of working and his huge influence on modern art is staggering, and incredibly inspirational. The simple use of shape to create work is something I definitely try to include in my own designs, and I owe this mainly to Malevich.

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