Back Story

Below is the back story myself and my game artist conceived almost immediately after being teamed up together. We more or less had the backbone of the game in our minds after five minutes or so. This will be available to read when people visit our game stand at the CoLAB show


It is the year 2419, and humanity has long since abandoned Earth, living now on Planet G, at the edge of the Solar System.
Our anonymous astronaut is on daring mission from Pluto – her staging post as a Space Cadet – to the planet Mars, in search of a pair of extremely valuable shoes she left there whilst refuelling on her way back from a scouting mission on Earth’s old Moon…

All is going smoothly, until she reaches the area between Jupiter and Mars, The Asteroid Belt. Her ship malfunctions and crashes into a nearby asteroid, shattering part of the ship into pieces…

Now, she faces a desperate search through the Asteroid Belt, hoping to collect the pieces of her ship she needs, in order to find her long lost pair of shoes…

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