The sketches above are some hand-drawn doodles I produced, with help from the image in the last post, to depict a few emotions. These were set to be the main focal point of my work, but I realised that just the faces alone wouldn’t give me much of a basis for a final piece of any real quality. I created a design (which I will include below) where I combined all of these faces with some typographical elements to make more of a complete design.


This design was one of two that I took to PSCA, so I could gather first hand feedback from the children. Using their feedback, which I will write about in a later post, I could make changes to my design ideas so that it would be more suited to the liking of my target audience.


The design above is the second design I took to the school to show the children, to gather their opinions on my proposed work. The general basis behind this one was that each letter would represent a single emotion, and would have a brief description of each emotion beside.


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