Final Idea

My final idea came from a combination of help from the children at PSCA, and my own re-worked designs. I stripped back the emotion-faces, making them more simple and easier to distinguish. I also reduced the amount of typography on the spread, because as mentioned in the previous post, the children found that there was too much cluttered, unnecessary writing that confused them. I also added a few extra elements, such as the ability for the children to completely personalise their own pages by colouring everything from the header to the emojis. Finally, on the right-hand page, I have left a large blank space for the children to ‘draw themselves, to represent how they are feeling at that moment in time’.

Above are the ’emotions’ that I have digitised as part of the final design, these will be the ones the children can digitise. I did a test on my Auntie’s three children – aged 9, 7 and 5 – and they could all tell me what at least 5 of the 6 emotions actually were.


Above is basically the final design, showing the layout and components all pieced together. The basic idea is for the children to match each emotion with the correct image, then colour it in, in the colour they think corresponds to said emotion. They can also, if they wish, choose to fill the words with colour. The main purpose of the spread is to get children thinking about how different facial expressions represent different emotions, and also how colours can be linked back to emotions – for example most of the children I asked as PSCA told me that they most often associated the colour red with either anger or love.

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