Group Critique Feedback

Towards the latter stages of the project, after I had completed the designs for the final spread, we held a cross-college group critique with the other Pre-Degree courses at Palace Court. During this critique, I received a lot of positive feedback from the people in my group. They unanimously agreed that the concept and layout of my spread was a good, solid idea, that it all made sense, and that the balance of type and imagery was even, and worked well.

I did give them a copy of the design each to try for themselves, but as of yet I have not had any of them back. With that said, I was incredibly encouraged by the feedback I had received, knowing I did not really need to make many changes to my design.

Overall, I believe the group critique process is an important stage of each project, because it gives voice to another set of opinions, on top of those of the children from the school, my family, and my classmates on my course. I also feel like I made a positive contribution to the projects of the other people in my group, offering my constructive feedback on their projects.-

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