Action Plan


After quite a slow start to the project, and after giving myself plenty of thinking time to decide the direction which this project will take, I have now compiled a list of tasks and goals I aim to achieve/accomplish by set times.

By Friday 21st April:

  • Refine and digitise mindmaps/moodboards for future reference.
  • Revisit the “day in the life” blog post and make sure everything is clear.
  • Start the overall project timeplan – don’t worry too much about being entirely specific, as the timeplan is subject to change and can be edited if need be.

By Wednesday 26th April:

  • Hand in a completed first draft of my FMP project proposal.
  • Finish and hand in the rough draft for the overall project timeplan.
  • Hand in a copy of my bibliography (doesn’t matter how much or little I’ve included, just need evidence of using it).
  • Start research into the Bauhaus movement and some key artists (300+ words on each artist – include say 5 artists in a variety of disciplines to show the vast coverage of subject areas encompassed by the Bauhaus school).

By Friday 5th May:

  • Attempt to complete comprehensive research into the following:
    • The Bauhaus – as a movement and also do some brief research on the school itself.
    • Josef Albers / Herbert Bayer / Wassiliy Kandinsky / Laszlo Moholy-Nagy / Joost Schmidt.


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