Shirt Designs

As a side note to the main project, I created some t-shirt designs which I had hoped to put into production in time for our CoLAB show on 13-12-16, but due to financial limitations, I couldn’t afford to fund the printing of the shirts. However, I thought it would be worth including some of these designs on my blog, as evidence of branding opportunities I explored during the course of the project.

Above are a few examples, I did use all three colours, plus also the logo in white, and the final logo, as I was going to try and get one of each made for sale at the show.
I particularly like the designs with the logo spread across the chest, with their retro look I think if they were actually produced they could sell rather well. I asked numerous people on my college course – and out of college – and had at least 20 people say if the shirts were at a reasonable enough price they’d consider buying one, which can only be a good thing, right?