Graphic Designer – My Role In The Team

For this project, I have been assigned the role of Graphic Designer for my team. I’m fairly pleased with this as Graphic Design is the pathway I wish to go down later in the course. As the graphic designer, I have the job of creating the branding and styling for the game, including a logo and promotional material, as well as a style guide – the set of rules I must follow whilst designing aspects of the branding. As well as this, I will also create social media accounts for the game, a very modern and effective way of promoting new content. During the process of producing all of these things, I will maintain constant communication with my teammates, taking their opinions and ideas into consideration before finalising any work.




‘Headline’ Drawing Experiment

Today, we all had to do a drawing task where we responded to a headline from the local newspaper.
I chose the headline “Plymouth Argyle 4 Yeovil Town 1: Graham Carey Steals Show With Stunner” because I am a massive football fan, and the results of games have an important role in my mood for the week.

Today’s experiment gave me the opportunity to draw fro a change, which is not something I usually do, as most of my work is very linear and graphical. I don’t really think the session was of much use to me, I feel like I could have spent my time better completing my time plan or mind map for the new project