Game Overview

Our game, entitled Space Shoes, will be a 2D platform-based game set in outer space. The game itself is set many hundreds of years in the future, although the exact year hasn’t been specified as of yet.

The main character, an anonymous female astronaut, is travelling from Pluto to Mars, in search of a pair of “space shoes” she left there on her last visit. On her way to Mars, her ship crashes into an Asteroid field, damaging the ship. The aim of the game is to collect pieces of the ship scattered around the Asteroid field, so she can repair it and continue on her journey.

The premise of the game is an uncomplicated one, one which is meant to be as light-hearted as possible, meaning it can be played by people of all ages. When designing the game, we wanted to make it as stripped back and basic as possible, to give it a really retro feel.


‘Headline’ Drawing Experiment

Today, we all had to do a drawing task where we responded to a headline from the local newspaper.
I chose the headline “Plymouth Argyle 4 Yeovil Town 1: Graham Carey Steals Show With Stunner” because I am a massive football fan, and the results of games have an important role in my mood for the week.

Today’s experiment gave me the opportunity to draw fro a change, which is not something I usually do, as most of my work is very linear and graphical. I don’t really think the session was of much use to me, I feel like I could have spent my time better completing my time plan or mind map for the new project