Game Poster Design

The next important part of this project was producing a promotional poster to advertise our game. As with all other aspects of the design for this project, I wanted a clean, simple design that would clearly show what our game was about.

First of all, I had to get an illustration to form the basis of the poster. The illustrator in my team refused to produce this illustration, despite me asking him to produce it for a period of at least two weeks. Instead,I had to ask our game artist to provide me with an illustration I could use viably for the poster. Luckily, she was more than happy to help right away, and I was finally able to finish making the poster.


The image above is a cropped version of the image provided by Artemis (our game artist) to be used as the main focus of the poster. It features our anonymous astronaut, the only playable character in the game to date.


Next, I added a logo to the image to try and make it more poster-like. The orange logo worked better than any of the others, in the opinion of myself and my team members. The landscape version of the poster didn’t work very effectively, in my opinion, so I tried again with a portrait orientation.


The image above shows the  final detailing for the poster designs. I decided that to give it a bit more realism, adding a company logo (Talentless Games Co., a mock company for our “game development”), a QR Code that when scans leads to a Twitter page I also created for the game, and a PEGI age rating which is present in almost every game available to purchase digitally or physically.


Here is the final poster design, with all the elements combined. I think the composition and the colours both work incredibly well, and it clearly communicates that we are advertising a new game. Knowing the necessity of producing a high quality poster to showcase our game, I not only took opinions from my team, but also my fellow classmates, and even had a few tell me if I were to produce the posters for sale, they would actually buy them.

Artist Research – Eric Hill

Eric Hill (OBE) was an English author and illustrator of children’s books, best known for his Spot the Dog series. He first worked as an errand boy in an illustration studio, where he was encouraged by his peers to draw cartoons and comic strips in his spare time.

After completing his National Service, Hill worked as a freelance illustrator and designer in advertising, before he started writing short stories for his son in 1976. In 1980, his first book, Where’s Spot? was published, the initial story in a series which sold over 60,000,000 copies worldwide, was translated in 60 languages, and adapted into a children’s television show.

The use of minimal outlines, block colours and basic shapes means Hill’s illustrations are easy to recognise, giving Spot an identity, which in any aspect of design is important in my opinion. The pure simplicity of the books (and accompanying illustrations) is what makes them so popular, from a very young age. Personally speaking, the Spot the Dog  series is one of the first memories I have of reading, and these books are still sold to this day, proving the books and their illustrations have a lasting effect on children.