Game Overview

Our game, entitled Space Shoes, will be a 2D platform-based game set in outer space. The game itself is set many hundreds of years in the future, although the exact year hasn’t been specified as of yet.

The main character, an anonymous female astronaut, is travelling from Pluto to Mars, in search of a pair of “space shoes” she left there on her last visit. On her way to Mars, her ship crashes into an Asteroid field, damaging the ship. The aim of the game is to collect pieces of the ship scattered around the Asteroid field, so she can repair it and continue on her journey.

The premise of the game is an uncomplicated one, one which is meant to be as light-hearted as possible, meaning it can be played by people of all ages. When designing the game, we wanted to make it as stripped back and basic as possible, to give it a really retro feel.


Matthew Cooper – Study Page


The sleeve design for Chasing Yesterday by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, designed by Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper studied Illustration at Harrow College of Higher Education in London, and works as a freelance designer. He is particularly interested in the use of typographic and strong graphic elements in his work. He works primarily for the independent music sector.Projects he works on range from sleeve design, through to the design of adverts and promotional material.

Among his more well known clients are Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, Noel Gallagher and Paul McCartney, to name but a few. Inspirations of Cooper’s include CY Twombly, Robert Rauschenburg, Kurt Schwitters and Constructivist/Suprematist artists such as Kazimir Malevich and EL Lissitzky.

The above images are sleeve designs for three of Gallagher’s singles from the Chasing Yesterday album – Riverman, In The Heat Of The Moment, and Ballad Of The Mighty I. The thing that I like most about these is that it is pretty much the same image of Noel Gallagher used in all three singles – and the original album sleeve – keeping the identity of the music and the band as being Noel’s.

Brian Cannon – Study Page

Brian Cannon is a British graphic designer, art director, band manager and music video director. He is best known for his “Microdot” design company, and its work during the 1990s, which created the album cover for Oasis’ record breaking debut album, Definitely Maybe, in 1994. He is noted grandiose, ridiculously time consuming photo shoots, and has produced a number of record sleeves for UK number 1 albums – including Urban Hymns (The Verve), 1977 (Ash), along with two further Oasis albums – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? and Be Here Now. Most of the photography for his Oasis designs was shot by Michael Spencer Jones.

I have chosen to look at Brian Cannon because the designs he produced for Oasis were for some of my favourite albums. Oasis and The Verve are two of my most preferred artists in music, and as such I’ve seen a lot of their album artwork. I first found Brian Cannon’s wider design spectrum on his personal Instagram account – microdotcreative.

My Timeplan

Week 1

  • Receive Brief
  • Compose Timeplan
  • Create mind-map of initial ideas/artists
  • Start initial artist research

Week 2

  • Continue and finish artist research pages
  • Start to develop a contextual understanding of the techniques used by selected artists

Week 3

  • Experiment and record different tests
  • Finalise ideas, experiment different styles and decide on final idea
  • Produce thumbnail and visual designs for final piece(s)

Week 4

  • Produce final piece(s)
  • Complete unit evaluation


The Project Brief

Explore the theme of self-portraiture – but not in the traditional sense. You could try a still life arrangement to represent you, or make a collage of objects and images to describe your interests. The first project is about you discovering what the boundaries are, then breaking them. In addition to producing your experimental work, keep a visual diary/book to record all your findings – including research, lesson notes and project planning.

In short, I have to present myself outside the traditional confines of self-portraiture. This could be a representation of the things that have an impact on my life – music, sport, life experiences, ambitions, my past and my passions.